Winwholesale Customer Benefits

Credit Policy

  • All invoices are net 30 days. We expect customers to pay within our terms. We do charge interest on all invoices over 60 days.
  • All customers have a credit limit that, if exceeded, requires credit approval from the credit department.
  • All customers exceeding the terms outlined will automatically be placed on Credit Hold and remain on Hold until arrangements have been made with the credit department. That means ALL accounts over 60 days ARE over the credit limit.
  • If for some reason the credit line we have established is not adequate, please give us a call. We can usually make arrangements to help you.
  • If you have any questions regarding this credit policy, please feel free to call our office.

Become a Winsupply Customer

At Evansville Winsupply we’ve got you covered with all the benefits of being a Winsupply Customer.  We have access to over 850,000 square feet of warehouse space that houses over 65,000 SKUS and a managed inventory of over $34,000,000.  When a contractor buys from Evansville Winsupply they get more than just our products.  They get our experience, our ideas, our troubleshooting knowledge and our commitment to deliver both immediate and long-term results for their business, and for their customers. We believe that what we offer ‘outside the box’ is far more valuable than the competitively priced items that are sold inside.

Evansville Winsupply customers are contractors, and contractors are busy. When they need a specific part for a quick-fix, we can have it delivered or ready at the counter. When a job calls for more in-depth analysis, Evansville Winsupply acts as an advisor on a variety of levels.

  • Design, Installation & Application Services

    Evansville Winsupply assists contractors with layout and optimal designs of systems ranging from commercial projects to small additions. Our offerings include design/build, bid & spec, value engineering, on-site heat loss analysis, piping diagrams, radiant heat layout, on-site assistance and solar designs.

Become an Evansville Winsupply Customer

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